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    We, the members of this Association, proudly assume the responsibility of providing adequate and desirable accommodations and facilities for the enjoyment of apartment residents, being ever mindful of our obligations to all regulations governing the free enterprise system of which we are proud to be a part.

    Having united ourselves for the purpose of improving the services and conditions of the apartment industry, we individually and severally adopt this Code of Ethics as our guide in dealing with all mankind, and especially with those patronizing this industry.


    I. We adhere to and practice the Golden Rule in all of our endeavors and conduct ourselves in a forthright and ethical manner to better the communities of which we are a part.

    II. We believe that every person's home is their castle and that every resident is entitled to the quiet enjoyment of a clean and respectable atmosphere.

    III. We adhere to the profit principle and believe that the investment, risk, labor, and effort required to present an appropriate, high quality product to our residents deserves a fair return so as to maintain the high standards we believe essential in the apartment industry.

    IV. We respect the right of competitors and colleagues to determine the value of their products and services.

    V. We adhere to the principle of cooperation and friendship among the members of this association, so as to further the interests of all members.

    VI. We believe in the sanctity of contracts, oral or written, and their enforcement through appropriate procedures.

    VII. We uphold our emblem as a symbol of excellence, and we believe that it is the duty of each of us to conduct ourselves in accordance with the principles of the Code of Ethics, and to condemn those who violate these principles by use of proper disciplinary procedures established by this Association.